2004-04-23 | 1:19 a.m.
If I ruled my own country, I would make rampant stupidity a punishable offense. If a person could take you in front of a trained judge, in a court of law, and prove that you were legally idiotic, you would be fitted with a collar and a bracelet.

The collar would say, "Fucking Moron" on it, and basically just be to let people know, you are a fucking moron, and it's already been decided by the state that you deserve to die.

The bracelet would be a reciever that accepted only a certain type of coded transmission on a very secure and very narrow frequency.

For sale at every convenience store in the country would be a very short range transmitter (maybe 10 ft at most), the proceeds on the sale of which would go to fund education, that any person could buy and use to activate the bracelet. The bracelet would have a payload of a deadly poison, and when it received the signal, it would inject you, and you would fucking die. And anyone who put up the $14.95 for the transmitter could kill you at a moment's notice if you did something stupid and pissed them off.

I think this would not only be good for the economy and education, it would lead to less stupidity, because stupid people would die before they could breed, and those who are intentionally stupid would think better of it, knowing it could mean their death.

It would also make me quite possibly the most popular ruler mankind has ever know. Tech support personnel would be moving to my country in droves. They'd spend their days off driving around looking for morons to kill to work of the stress of the week.

Hmmm, those are the basics, I think the idea needs a little bit of work. I'll get back to you on that.

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