2004-04-12 | 12:00 a.m.
My mom got me out of bed at 5 am this morning to go to sunrise service at our church. She tried to use this line to get me out of bed, "The sooner we get leave, the sooner we'll get back."

I responded by telling her that statement was wrong for more reasons than I could explain.

But let's see if I can cover a few of them.

First off, the service started at 6:00. No matter what time we left, the service would still start at 6:00, and would end whenever they were done. Had we left at 7:05, we still would have been back at the house by 8:30 (about the time we got back, I don't remember exactly.

Second off, if we didn't go at all, it wouldn't matter what time we left, or what time we got back, I could just stay in bed and stay asleep, so why am I getting out of bed again?

Thirdly, if it was meant to mean a subjective getting back time, I can assure you, had we left at 2 pm and not gotten back til 8 pm, it still wouldn't have felt as if we were there as long as it felt like it when we left at 5:30. Mainly cause I would have had some sleep (since I didn't get in until 1 am).

Then, later today, John made another illogical comment, and I told him, "That's the 3rd illogical statement I've heard today," but I don't remember what the second one was.

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