2004-04-28 | 3:38 a.m.
If you're in the Nashville area, or somewhere nearby and have your own method of transportation, I'm looking for a personal secretary. Basically I need someone who can type decently well, who's organized, and not afraid to pester their boss to get off his ass and do stuff. I also need someone who's trustworthy, and can keep what they hear to themselves, and who understands that the main part of their job will be never to tell anyone these things that they know.

Unfortunately, I can't pay you much. Specifically, I would willingly pay in in purely platonic body massages, as that is the most I can afford, although you're free to watch my anime and play my video games whenever you feel like as long as you don't abuse the privelege.

The ability to not annoy the ever living hell out of me is a plus.

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2004-04-28 - Still hiring.
2004-04-24 - I'm done!
2004-04-23 - Rampant stupidity.
2004-04-20 - Bee incompetence.
2004-04-13 - Biggest problem ever.

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