2004-03-30 | 8:58 p.m.
For lack of a better place to put this, following in character information for my comic idea (no, this does not mean I am working on a webcomic, I still cannot draw). Incidentally, this diary is proving massively useful, sorry I ignored you so long, ke ai.
Davian (Kirin?) - Human - Hero - Idealist at heart, romantic in the most awkward ways, but enough of a realist to keep himself alive. Swordsman with a lot of natural talent, but very little in the way of skill. Believes he is on a quest to save the world, a fact which is never clearly explained to anyone else.
Doomed to suffer horribly. Also a girl magnet, cause it makes it funny.

The Sword - A sword. Specifically the hero's sword. A true realist, heavily sarcastic but clever. A few thousand years old. Helped save the world once. Knows a lot about adventuring. Still not sure exactly what makes Davian think he's going to save the world.

Ariel - Dwarf - Fighter - Ariel is pretty, charming and a bit of a slut. She's also a highly skilled martial artist, with a talent for knives and homicidal tendencies. Thinks nothing of cutting bits off people to see the expression on their face, but a nice enough girl.

Tiffany - Elf - Arcan (basically a druid if you're going by D&D classes, which I don't) - A 6' 7" nature fanatic. She carries a staff a few inches longer than she is tall, and delights in teaching people about nature and it's wonders. She does have a tendency to be very harsh on people who abuse nature, often beating them repeatedly with the aforementioned staff until they are broken and bleeding, while she calmly explains to them what they did wrong and why it was wrong.
Not a vegetarian or vegan, she understands that people have to eat, she however doesn't condone hunting for sport, or pulling up flowers just to impress your girlfriend. Very firm when giving commands.

Bronwyn - Miriam - Sorceress - A very shy, somewhat absentminded, but extrodinarily powerful graduate sorceress. She did special work to get her undergrad degree early to take off with our heroes, and hopes to base her graduate thesis about saving the world (not that she knows exactly how or why they plan to save the world either).
Easily distracted, while Bronwyn follows directions excellently, she's not very good without some gentle prompting, or at least being told what to do. Preferrably with very, very specific instructions so as to avoid the annihilation of the surrounding area.

Kiercin - Miriam - Sorceress/Psychiatrist - Bronwyn's mother, a minor character. Kiercin is a psychiatric sorceress, using complicated, mind altering spells instead of drugs to fight things like depression and schizophrenia. A member of a very small group of professionals, there is no proof as yet that any of this actually works. A very cheerful and open woman, nonetheless.

Leela - Spirte - Healer - A hyper paranoid conspiracy theorist. Trusts Davian and Kiercin and not much else, including the evidence of her senses. I mean, who knows what people have replaced reality with while you weren't looking. Memory is only trustworthy if you've made sure to properly protect your head. Accompanying our heroes to help save the world from the Takisians cause every group of heroes needs a healer.

Tiel - Vampire - Thief - A brilliantly lazy kleptomaniac. Able to steal anything that isn't nailed down (and carries a hammer and a screw driver in case they are). She steals primarily because it's easier than holding an actual job, and is charming and convincing enough that even when she's caught, she's usually let go. Joins our party of heroes because Davian is cute, and mooching is even easier than stealing. Plus, everyone knows adventurers get all the best loot.

Hmmm, yes, think that's everyone important, except the one old guy who thinks the sword is evil and occasionally ambushes them.

Oh, and no, I'm not exactly sure what makes Davian think he's going to be saving the world either.

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