2004-03-18 | 11:53 p.m.
So lately I've been suffering, and last night I had a headache that at one point got so painful that, when I was half asleep enough for it, gained consciousness and tried to carry on a conversation with me. This is the first time my pain has ever spoken to me (despite what poetry of mine you may have read) and I don't think I liked it's attitude.

That entire first paragraph was primarily unimportant, and probably doesn't matter in the long run, but hey, if I can't personify and horribly overemphasize my own pain, then why do I have an online diary in the first place?

Anyway...I think I'm going to add a new bit to my diaries. You know how some people have current mood, or music they're listening to, in their diaries. Well, I'm going to start putting on each of my entries, "Current Servant I Wish I'd Sent Back in Time to Comfort Me:" Abbreviated simply to Current Servant.

Current Servant: Fire & Ice.

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