2005-01-18 | 1:16 a.m.
I am an intensely loyal person. Before you cheer, or congratulate me or whatever, don't think this is a good thing. It doesn't sprng from any sense of honor, although I do have a code, and I hold to it fiercly. Mostly, it's a direct result of my overwhelmingly antisocial attitude.

Basically, I have so much trouble finding people/companies/products I like, I tend to avoid dealing with anyone/thing else, and remain loyal to my friend/product/company. It's why I've been a nintendo fanboy for so long. I like Nintendo, I like their games, it's too much trouble picking and choosing, so I stay loyal. It makes my life easier, and doesn't run me into the issue of using something I will come to hate.

It's the same with people. I'd rather just deal with the people I already know I like, than try to find new people to like.

Wow, this is a really crappy entry, obviously too much noise in my head to think. Another time.

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