2004-06-03 | 1:34 a.m.
The one thing I hate the absolute most about writing like I have been is, when I'm home, I have so much else to do, so I never get any writing done here. At work I have nothing better to do, so I can write, but do you have any idea how impossibly difficult it is to write a scene, especially an emotionally charged piece of tripe like my previous entry (which isn't finished by the way).

And you do realize, I'm about 50 hours of research and maybe a month of writing away from a novel. I should be concentrating on getting published and not on writing here where I entertain maybe 3 people on a regular basis (and I include myself in that, cause if I'm not entertaining myself, it's not worth writing).

I'm too prolific a writer, I have too many stories, and I haven't even been writing the one I originally set out to write. I've had a few ideas for webcomics, but I wanted to do one with a big battle scene, that went into the complexities of warfare, and so I decide to do a test run with the writing, and ended up starting from after the first battle because I found myself thinking about Shines and Bell's story.

Either way, this is not what I should be doing, but it would be so much worse to be interrupted while working on something important. As it is I'm having to work very hard not to say, "Thank you for calling Comcast Digital Service, how may I hate you?"

And I need a pet artist, I mean, really, really need one, and a personal secretary. There's got to be a way to find and acquire such persons. I feel too spread to do anything by myself.

And I need to recreate every Biped and Intellient species known to exist.

2004-06-03 - To do list basics.
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2004-05-18 - Dictiontator.
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2004-04-28 - Still hiring.

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